US Club Registration

At the beginning of each new season, it is important to register your new players ASAP, before they start practicing, for insurance purposes. To facilitate this process please follow the steps below:

All Teams: US Club only allows for one coach, one assistant coach, and one manager to be assigned to a team. If you have more than one of each, you need to let me know who will be the primary person so that they can access your team through them.

All New Coaches and Managers: If this is your first season with the Davis Legacy Soccer Club, please go online to, to start your background check and complete the two required US Club training courses. Email the Club Registrar and Administrator the following information for new staff: cell phone number and e-mail address that only you use. The e-mail address will be used to access your team. US Club only allows the use of one e-mail address per person, so if you have children using your e-mail address in the club, that e-mail address will not work to get on to the site. Once we receive all of your information and you have completed the background check and two training courses, the club will be able to order your pass. According to US Club, any staff that is on the field where the players will be (i.e. managers and coaches) must obtain a pass. Passes for staff are valid for two years.

Managers: You will need to keep a binder at all times, the player registration form with the original parent/guardian’s signature. Please do not keep copies of your players’ birth certificates in your binders, but do keep these copies at home to ensure that these certificates cannot be stolen. You need to have this binder at every practice and game in case a player is injured. You will also need this binder along with a current roster (printable) and all passes to register for US Club sanctioned tournaments.

New Players: Player registration forms only need to be completed if it is a new player or if the old player registration forms are unattainable from the previous player’s coach or manager. The previous coach or manager should give the binder along with passes to new coach and manager. If you are in need of player registration forms, they can be found at the US Club website: under “General Forms” and by clicking on “Youth Player Registration and Medical Treatment Authorization Form”.

Inputting New Players into System: Go to the site and input your e-mail address and password that was issued to you. If your password has not yet been issued please e-mail the registrar to request one. Once you have logged on to the US Club site, you will be allowed to access your team only. Click on the team and click add player if you are wanting to add players to your team. If the players are new, please make sure to scan in their birth certificates. The files can be either .pdf or .jpeg for it to upload. US Club also allows you to scan in photos of your players so that you won’t have to paste them onto the cards. Once you have uploaded the information, make sure to click on the tab that says add player. The players you added should show up on your roster. If they do not, the e-mail address that you used could have been used by another sibling. If this is the case, do not put an e-mail address down as the player will not be added unless that field is left blank. If you see these symbols “*#” after a player’s name, please do not panic, they might have been added to the club another time or put in on another club team. US Club will check to see if your players are dual registered and they will inform me and their old registrar to release the player so a card can be issued to them. Please note that putting a player in the Open Roster only allows for the teams within the same club to access that player. You must let the club Registrar and Administrator know who needs to be released so that other clubs may put that player on their roster and get a card for the player also.

Ordering Pass Cards: Once your players, coaches and managers are inputted into the system, the club will order the passes. If no problems arise after ordering the cards (dual-registered players most common), US Club will send the passes to the club and the club will send them to you. Please allow yourselves time when ordering the passes because US Club is located in South Carolina and they are 3 hours ahead of us. If you know that you will be using a player that does not have a card from US Club, please do not wait to request a card. It takes 24-48 hours to get them processed and if the player does not have one, he/she will not be able to play with your team. Once we receive the cards, we will e-mail them to the team manager and they can be printed by them on cardstock and then laminated.

Player Loans: If you are using players within the club for league games and state cup games, they do NOT need to be moved on the US Club roster (unless they aren’t showing up in the NorCal system yet). If you are borrowing a player from another club, you will need to go to the US Club site and obtain a player loan form, this is under the forms tab. You and the other club’s coach or manager need to fill out that form and fax it to US Club prior to the event. US Club’s fax number is on the form. This loan form along with their player pass need to accompany you to the event and will be needed at check-in for tournaments.

If anyone still has any questions please feel free to email the club Registrar or Administrator.