Injured Player Relief


Davis Legacy provides an opportunity to relieve families from their financial commitments during the period of time in which a player has suffered a long-term injury at a Davis Legacy sanctioned activity.  A long-term injury is defined as a period of time exceeding two months.  Furthermore, to be eligible for the relief the injury must have occurred during a Davis Legacy sanctioned activity.  In other words, players who get injured at school, or during other sports, are not eligible for the club sponsored relief.  Any approved relief will kick only AFTER two full months of injured time has passed.

If you feel as though you have suffered a long-term injury, and will require financial relief, you must first print out and review the entire club policy.  Below is a link the Injured Player Policy.  On the last page of the policy is a form for you to fill out.  Please fill it out in its entirety and submit using the on-line form below, along with the required medical documentation (note from a licensed medical provider).  A representative from the club will get back to you within two weeks after submittal.

Injured Player Relief Policy


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