Davis Legacy Competitive Player Registration & Club Dues Information

4This page contains all the resources you will need to register your player and pay your monthly club dues for each year you participate with the club. We are pleased to be utilizing BYGA, which is a comprehensive registration and team/player management program.  All members in the club will access and use BYGA throughout the season for team communications and when making monthly payments.

2024-2025 Team Season

Every club member will need to create an account and register online through BYGA.  Please note that if you participated in tryouts you have already created your account.  If you had an account in GotSport last year, that account is available to you still, but Davis Legacy will not be using it for the upcomming competitive season.

U9 to U14 teams (16 to 11 birth year)—Your player registration must be completed by June 1, 2024

U15 to U18/U19 teams (10 to 07/06 birth years)—Your player registration must be completed by June 5, 2024

There is a one-time non-refundable $200 registration fee due upon your initial registration and one-time $150 volunteer fee due as well.  The volunteer fee may be refunded at the end of the season if you fulfill all your membership requirements (see the Membership and Participation Agreement for details).  Subsequently you are required to make 11 monthly payments.  Your first monthly payment is due June 15, 2024. You will then make monthly payments each month thereafter in accordance with the club approved payment schedule. The link below will provide you with the payment schedule and program info for the entire season:

2024-25 Club Dues

Below is a link to the 2024-25 Participation and Membership Agreement:

2024-25 Membership and Participation Agreement

This is a binding agreement that must be signed as part of your registration in order to participate in our program.  You will agree to and sign this agreement electronically as part of the BYGA registration process.

After registration, and through the link below, you can log into your BYGA account at any time to manage your monthly payments, including but not limited to, getting an update on your outstanding balance, updating your credit card info, updating your player profile, making your payments early, etc…

BYGA Player Account Login

Monthly Payments

All payments must be made via credit card or electronic checks (ACH) through BYGA. The club has phased out the use of manual payments (pay by check) in order to increase administrative efficiencies and accountability.  The club may consider manual payments in very limited situations for which a compelling need from the family exists.  Approval of manual payments is at the sole discretion of the club.  If you have any questions regarding making your club payments please send an email to the Director of Administrator and Finance at: jhoward@davislegacysoccer.org.

Mid-Season Registrations

Players joining Davis Legacy Soccer Club after July 31, 2024 will have their monthly dues prorated in a manner determined by Davis Legacy Soccer Club.  There is no proration of the registration fee, volunteer fee, or uniform kit fees (if applicable).   For information regarding proration of the monthly dues for players joining after July 31, 2024 please contact Justyn Howard, Director of Administration and Finance at: jhoward@davislegacysoccer.org