Core Values

Davis Legacy operates by and through a set of core values.  These guiding principles form the foundation upon which we perform our work and conduct ourselves on a daily basis.  Our core values help us determine our daily, weekly, and annual priorities, support our organization’s mission, vision, and philosophy and ultimately shapes our culture.  In essence, our core values define our identity as an organization.  And while many organizations utilize core values to focus on technical competencies, we use our core values to focus on the underlying competencies that makes our organization run smoothly while fostering a caring and consistent environment for everyone.  

DedicationBeing enthusiastically committed to a purpose or personal goal. 

Love—Nurturing heartfelt love for the beautiful game.  An awareness of this love inspires us to do what we do.  Built upon the roots of passion and strengthened with a deep sense of compassion our love for the game embodies a consciousness able to bring forth the gifts in ourselves and our community. 

SustainabilityMeeting the needs of the present, without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their needs, in soccer and in life. 

CollaborationDeveloping and evolving thoughtfully through collaboration with players, parents, coaches, staff, board members and other organizations.  We endeavor to listen and put the development of the player at the forefront of our discussion and decisions.