Davis Legacy Club Trivia Vol. 1

Hello to all our Legacy members and families. We hope everyone is well and healthy. While we are working our way through these trying times, we want to add a bit of fun and competition to the mix, through a little bit of Soccer Trivia. A range of 4 different levels of difficulty, covering everything from the laws of the game, to Legacy Coaches and Alumni, to some head scratchers that will really put your knowledge to the test. As you go through each of the levels, you can see your score to the moment. Compete individually, amongst your team, or within your family. If you’re up for it, you can take the competition into your own hands, and create your own trivia to challenge your coaches, teammates, friends, and family members. 

Good luck, Enjoy, and Go Legacy!!!

Level 1 

Level 2 

Level 3

Level 4