Join a legacy coach for a live Training:

Tuesdays and Wednesday’s Skills

4-4:45pm: U9-U11 Players      Meeting ID: 817 8300 1868

5-5:45pm: U12-U14 Players   Meeting ID: 825 5838 6950

6-6:45pm: U15-U19 Players   Meeting ID: 879 7946 2403

Goalkeeping Monday June 1st

6pm-6.45pm  U9-U13  Meeting ID: 828 7124 2779

6.45pm-7.30pm  U14-U19 Meeting ID: 827 5243 3256

The preference for each player is to login and be on time, to set up their space, to have a ball, and to participate to the best of their abilities.

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