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DAVIS — Kick off your shoes and spend an evening with your soccer community to help raise funds for the Davis Legacy Soccer Club! Barefoot on the Pitch is a fun, casual, adults-only annual fundraiser featuring music, food, cold beer, premium local wines, raffles, and a silent auction. This is an easy and great opportunity to get to know the families on your team and/or other teams in the club.

The goal of this year’s fundraiser is to raise money for a proposed new recreation area designed for players, families, and the soccer community to better enjoy their time at the Davis Legacy Soccer Complex. Plans call for the redevelopment of the wooded space in between fields 10 and 11 in order to turn that area into a picnic and barbeque spot that includes a play structure, outdoor workout equipment, and a paved running path that circles fields 11 through 16.

“We’re looking to add value and amenities that our players, families, and the soccer community can enjoy while at the soccer complex,” said Legacy Director of Administration and Finance Justyn Howard. “Infrastructure for our privately owned and maintained soccer complex is consistently a challenge, as our nonprofit organization does not receive any governmental assistance. It is only with the support of our current and former members, and the greater soccer community, that we are able to provide a comprehensive player development environment that allows everyone to reach their full soccer potential while also enhancing their social, emotional, and physical health in a positive and safe environment.” The target for this proposed project is $300,000, of which $30,000 has already been raised.


Tickets can be purchased from your Team Barefoot Rep or online. Tickets are cheaper when purchased from a player/member (cash or check) but can also be purchased online at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/164911036349. Proceeds will benefit Davis Legacy Soccer Club, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Purchased from player/member

Purchased online (Early Bird 7/30-9/11)

Purchased online after 9/11 OR at the door

Event ticket

$25 per person w/ 2 drinks*

$28 per person

w/ 2 drinks* (includes a $3 service fee)

$30 per person w/ 2 drinks*

VIP ticket

$50 per person w/ unlimited drinks & premium parking

$53 per person

w/ unlimited drinks &

premium parking (includes a $3 service fee)


*Additional drink tickets can be purchased at the event.

Player Ticket Sales

We are encouraging each player to sell 2 tickets per player, per team (so, if you have 3 kids in the club, you are encouraged to sell 6 tickets). Sales can be to friends, family, co-workers, neighbors – anyone who loves soccer and likes to have fun! All players are asked to return the ticket stub of any SOLD tickets, on which “VIP” designation should be marked (if applicable). The ticket portion is for the purchaser to keep — it IS their ticket to get in! In addition, all players must return any UNSOLD tickets to their team rep as well.

Sponsorship Opportunities

1. Family Sponsorships
For any amount donated beyond $100, your family name will be listed in the event program. This is a great opportunity for grandparents and extended family –- some of our biggest soccer fans –- to show their support for the kids.
2. Corporate Sponsorships
For various amounts and/or donations. The sooner they sign up to sponsor, the more exposure they will have (more time on the website).
3. Signs
Signs/banners at the Davis Legacy Center fields are also available. We are home to team games and tournaments and visited by more than 54,000 people a year.

Contact Alex Park @ apark@davislegacysoccer.org for all sponsorship inquiries.

Baskets/Raffle Items

Many thanks to those teams that have already secured and/or communicated their plans for auction items. Please complete a ‘Barefoot on the Pitch donation form’ for details/instructions (emailed). This form is to be completed and submitted with your donations. We welcome larger donations for a silent auction area (i.e. vacation homes, airline tickets, etc). Please remember to only solicit from local businesses IF you have a very personal contact there.

Contact Alex Park apark@davislegacysoccer.org or Tiffany Kim at tiffanyrkim@gmail.com

Spread the word!

Invite all your friends, neighbors, work associates and soccer fans to attend. Post and share on social media.
Print out a copy of the attached flier and post it around town.
Email friends and family with a link to our online sales at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/164911036349


Like all our tournaments and events, volunteers are needed to make this event a success. Want to help or know a service organization that can? Please contact Tiffany Kim at tiffanyrkim@gmail.com to coordinate.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Davis Legacy Soccer Club