Tournament Registration Request Form

This page contains information related to tournament registrations.

Due to inconsistencies will club policies and procedures, teams (Coaches and Managers) are no longer allowed to register for ANY tournaments or leagues on their own (this policy not applicable to the U23 teams).  All discretionary tournament registration requests must be submitted to the club via the form below.  The Club will review the request for consistencies with policies, and if approved, will register the team for the requested event.  If a request is not approved the Club will notify the coach of the denial.

Please note that there is no need to submit a request for a prescribed club tournaments and leagues.  All coaches have already been informed of their mandatory tournaments and league seasons and the Club will centrally register teams for their league seasons and mandatory tournaments.

If you have any questions not answered here please contact the Club Administrator

  • e.g. Girls 05 Red , Boys 01 White, etc.
  • Put any other information that may be needed for registration purposes, such as record or relevant matches.
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