Watching and Reading


Books for players (We have included some audio versions for those interested)

    • “Breakaway by Alex Morgan. Get inspired to be your best—in sports and in life—with this uplifting memoir from star soccer player, 
    • “Wolfpack” by Abby Wambach, York Times bestseller recommended by 03 player Gigi Hall Click here for audio file
    • “The Flea”: The Amazing Story of Leo Messi Click here for audio file
    • “You are awesome” by Mattew Syed (Helps younger players with growth mindset)
    • “Legacy and the Queen” by the late Kobe Bryant “A tale of finding your inner magic against all odds”
    • Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth. One of Ashley Yudin’s favorites Click here for audio file

A look at soccer tactics, culture, and some personalities surrounding the sport. 

    • “Inverting the pyramid” by Jonathan Wilson – a social-historical look at soccer tactics 
    • Angels with Dirty Faces by Jonathan Wilson – a moving in-depth glimpse into Argentina’s incredible soccer culture
    • The Mixer by Michael Cox – the authors first full length book – a fantastic look at the history of the Premier League
    • Ajax, Barcelona, Cruyff: The ABC of an obstinate maestro by Frits Barendd and Henk Van Dorp, translated by David Winner – the most intimate interview with one of soccer’s most iconoclast figure
    • Brilliant Orange: the Neurotic Genius of Dutch of soccer by David Winner – a look at the soccer, art, architecture and culture of Holland and how they inform each other 
    • Pep Confidential by Martin Perrarnau – a behind-the-scenes look at Guardiola’s first season with Bayern Munich. A fantastic read!
    • Bring the Noise by Ralph Honigstein – a glimpse into the life and coaching of the “normal one” (Jurgen Klopp) and how a more apt title may be the “universal one”
    • The Philosophy of Football: In Shadows of Marcelo Bielsa by Jed Davies – a technical account of the principles governing the soccer of El Loco 

Inspiring Soccer Movies/Documentaries

    • Pele, “Birth of Legend” 
    • The Game Of Their Lives”
    • Escape to victory”or AKA as “Victory” (coach Robbos favorite)
    • Goal
    • Goal 2 “Living the dream
    • Antoine Griezmann, “The making of a legends”

Just For Fun

    • Kicking and screaming
    • The Cup    

Watch complete games and focus on players in their positions.  (full match replays)  (world cup highlights)