I’m a long-term Davis resident who took a brief hiatus to Sacramento to get my degree in Kinesiology. I’m a DHS class of 2005 alumni married to a 2007 DHS alum. We have two small girls, ages 4-6, who play in the grassroots program. I have been a Strength and Conditioning Coach since 2012 and before that was a CrossFit instructor at the Davis Athletic Club in 2008. I’ve worked with a variety of individuals from many sports and all walks of life. My soccer specific knowledge comes from hands on experience working with many of the local clubs. I was mentored by Luke Rayfield and many others within the performance based physical therapy community in greater Sacramento. I look forward to applying some of this system to our currently successful program and seeing the benefits to our players experience.

Class description

Workouts will focus on a general skill that can be applied for specific sports with accessory work used to strengthen areas prone to injury in this population. The structure of the class will be consistent and look like four 10-15 minute blocks. First block will be warmup and specific movement prep for our skill. The second will be direct skill practice; like vertical jump, lateral acceleration, top end speed, change of direction. Third is the accessory movements aimed to enhance the skill but also strengthen typically underdeveloped areas in most soccer players; ankle sprains, osteopubis/adductor injury, high hamstring strain and reduction of knee related injury. Fourth is cooldown and mobility, reinforcing and wrapping up what we did and getting the athlete back to a baseline before dismissal.


National Personal Training Institute in Sacramento, CA
Instructor July 2017 – Present

• Teach students the curriculum of the NASM Personal Trainer Certification

• Coach students on a wide variety of fitness modalities and successful application
Kime Performance Physical Therapy in Sacramento, CA
Strength and Conditioning Coach October 2018 – Present

• Head of Strength and Conditioning for Del Campo High School baseball team

• Coached athletes and aided coaches in training, data collection, and testing to monitor performance
Get Fit Strength and Conditioning in Davis, CA August 2021 – Present

• Write programming for group fitness classes focused on diverse client goals

• Coach small group fitness classes
Paramount Performance Strength and Conditioning in Sacramento, CA
Strength and Conditioning Coach October 2015 – October 2018

• Head coach for private training and group class instruction

• Developed and implemented evidence-based programs to meet a broad range of client goals
Results Physical Therapy in Sacramento, CA
Strength and Conditioning Coach January 2014 – October 2015

• Coached individuals post-rehabilitation, ranging in age from middle school to college athletes

• Worked with the Sacramento Republic FC team with weight room training, field agility drills, and speed work
Results Physical Therapy in Sacramento, CA
Physical Therapy Aide December 2012 – January 2014

• Assisted patients with therapeutic exercises under the instruction of Physical Therapists

• Supported patients with various therapeutic modalities for rehabilitation and strength
Davis Athletic Club in Davis, CA
CrossFit Program Director July 2009 – June 2013

• Managed trainers to coach a uniform program across various CrossFit classes held daily

• Programmed group fitness workouts to accommodate diverse client needs