Pacer Test 20 Meters Endurance Test 

This test is used by US Soccer National Teams youth and senior, but can be used by players of all ages.

Fitness Circuit By Coach Didi Cordova 

-5 burpees

-25 tap/tap slide

-10 push-ups

-25 toe taps (speed)

-15 sit-ups

-25 soccer boxing (speed)

-20 air squats

-100 juggles (continuous count if ball is dropped) 

  • 30 Minutes Max completes as many reps as possible in this time. 

College Fitness Packet U17/U19

Below is an example of what players are expected to do in preparation for college. Legacy players can select a few weeks or a few exercise that they think is both challenging and “achievable”  Click Here


The game belongs to the quick

Decisive actions within a soccer game are quick, intense, and done at speed. Think about a forward running onto a through ball to shoot and finish, or a holding midfielder shuttling 3-4 yards to snuff out a pass and then playing a long ball to launch a counter attack. These actions don’t last long. Although it looks like soccer players are always running (they’re not), that belies the fact that at its core soccer is a high intensity game of speed, not an endurance sport.

How does this affect training? How does this influence fitness in soccer? And, how can we prevent injuries and increase the health and well-being of players?

Please read this article to help dispel myths surrounding soccer fitness