Volunteer Opt Out


The Davis Legacy Soccer Club has approved a volunteer opt-out for club members.  The cost to opt-out of your MANDATORY volunteer duties is $125.  This is per registered player.  In other words, if you have two children playing and you want to opt-out of your volunteer responsibilities for each child the total cost is $250.  Opting out alleviates you from having to work in tournaments or other events.  Below is a link to the opt-out registration and payment form (all payments must be done electronically).  To register for the opt-out you are to use the same login and password that you created when you registered for your team.  Please note failure to fulfill your volunteer requirement will result in an additional $125 being added on to your final monthly payment.  If you have questions regarding the opt-out process please send an email to the club Director of Administration and Finance at: jhoward@davislegacysoccer.org

Volunteer Opt-Out Registration and Payment