Tryouts 2016

We know that when it comes to competitive youth soccer, you have many choices available to you throughout the greater Sacramento region. Here is some of what you get when you play for Davis Legacy…

All teams have professionally licensed coaches which includes college coaches, teachers , and former professional players. We also continue to provide professional development for our staff and comprehensive coach evaluations, delivered by a member of the UEFFA pro license staff. (The highest soccer coaching qualification anywhere in the world)

We offer up to two teams (Red and White) in all ages groups (U9 through U18) and we offer a comprehensive U8 development program that operates multiple teams for both boys and girls.

All teams train a minimum of twice per week, with some teams opting for three training sessions per week.

We have the best soccer complex in the entire Sacramento region, which is dedicated for our Club’s sole use for training sessions and games. Our fields come with lights and you will never be searching for a place to train or hold games.

We utilize professional referees for all of our team’s games.

If you desire, you can train at our complex up to 5 days per week. Our flexible training programs can be tailored to your family’s needs. Specifically, we offer:

  • 46 weeks of specialized keeper training for all of our team’s goalkeepers. This is free and is in addition to your team’s regular training!
  • 12 weeks of specialized striker training for all of our teams. This free and is in addition to your team’s regular training!
  • 32 weeks of specialized skills training for all of our teams. This is free and is in addition to your team’s regular training!

Estimated costs download here

The Tryout Schedule and Process

Players are encouraged to attend as many tryouts as possible. The tryout times are listed below. Three tryout dates will be listed for each age group.


Tryouts will take place at Davis Legacy Soccer Complex, located on Road 105D, off Chiles Road. Directions can be found here.

Please check the website on the day of tryouts in case of inclement weather.

This advance registration ensures that we have your contact information and that we can provide that information to the appropriate coaches.

Tryout Process

We assign a numbered vest for each player for tryouts. The coaches will be given a list of players and their vest number. Players will get the same number vest at each tryout.


Players must attend at least one tryout to receive an offer from a coach for a club team. Coaches will not make offers until after the first tryout, and many will not make offers until after final tryout. Coaches will make offers in writing or via email. Families have 3 days after receiving an offer to accept or decline.  All players who participate will be contacted. As there are two teams in most age groups, it may take 2-3 weeks after the last tryout to contact players with offers and/or to be notified that an offer will not be extended.

Season Schedule

For players in the younger age groups (i.e., U9 to U14), training for competitive teams begins in March and continues through December (February for some teams). For players in the older age groups, and as a result of the upcoming high school season changes, training for competitive teams begins in May and continues through November.  These teams will take time off during local high school season.  Beginning in 2017 and each season thereafter the older age group teams will begin training in March and continue through November.

Playing Up Policy

It is the goal of the Davis Legacy to place all players on the youngest team for which they qualify by birth date.  The purpose of this is to promote age-appropriate development (physical, mental and social) of all players and to maximize the competitive advantages of DLSC teams.  Coaching Directors refers to Executive Director, Technical Director, and Operations Director.  The following rules for placing players on competitive team rosters will be followed in the implementation of this policy:

Players that are age-qualified for U16 and younger teams will be placed on the youngest team for which they are qualified.

The club recognizes that some rare exceptions may need to be made (generally player specific i.e. goalkeeper).  Such exceptions will require the approval of the Coaching Directors AND a member of the Executive Committee of the Board.

Players that are age-qualified for U17 and older teams are encouraged to try out for the youngest team for which they are qualified, but may try out for, and be placed on, an older team with the approval of the coaching directors and tryout evaluators (i.e. coach of team offering position)

Players who do not try out for their age-eligible team may not be selected for that team.
Coaches of a team must be notified before the tryout of the prospective players intention to play outside of their normal age group.

Players that are given tryout opportunities by individual teams/coaches in an effort to fill roster vacancies (typically during the season) may be allowed to play up for that year only with Director of Coaching approval. In subsequent years they will be placed on their age appropriate team if they are younger than U17.
There is no restriction on playing up as a guest for league and tournament play

Welcome to tryouts and good luck at Davis Legacy Tryouts.

Contact for any other questions.