Player Development 

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TopYa Skills Challenge

Participate in the TopYa! skills challenge. For more information and to join click here 

Home Training Resources From Gordon Young

Our International Technical Advisor, Gordon Young has shared some videos he put together for the youth players of his pro club to work on at home. Below are 3 links. Again the majority can be done in a backyard. If you don’t have cones, use shoes or socks. 

Video 1    Video 2   Video 3

Beast Mode Soccer

US Club soccer but this series together with beast mode soccer, Below is a link to a series of 56 videos containing a few different mini-series components, such as the “First Touch Series,” “Buddy Passing” (with a sibling or parent, of course!), “Four Cone Drill,” “Mastering the Art of Dribbling” Click Here

Wall Ball 

You will notice that the first exercise in the beast mode series of videos uses a small wall ball, that they would like you to ‘buy’ Below is a link on how to build your own. This also could be a fun project to do as a family (The building part) I know several legacy players have already embarked on this project. Click Here

Rick Alba

Long time legacy coach put this video together 12 years ago with his sons (now in college) and it has received 2.5 million hits on youtube. It’s an oldie but goldie   Click Here

 Dru Brogan

Here is a great home skill video put together by Legacy Coach Dru Brogan. Dru takes us through 18 mins of skills that can be performed in a small space. To access the video Click Here


Legacy GK Resources 

Video ‘Chalk Talk’ Sessions 

(With Technical Director Nate Boyden) 

 Video 1 –  Two theoretical concepts in soccer: playing across the direct game channel and diagonality. 

Video 2-  Two Principles of transition and a model for counter pressing.

Video 3- Positional Play Primer