We are challenging all legacy players to participate in an essay writing competition spearheaded by Ashley Yudin.  We will acknowledge everyone that submits an essay on social media and we will have a $100 Legacy Scholarship award for the winner in each category (outlined below).  Please read the message below from Ashley followed by an overview of the rules and how to upload the essay.

The Ashley Yudin Writing Challenge

“There were a few times in my life that I could not wait to sit down and put pen to paper. Of course that has really gone out of vogue with computers, iPads or iPhones now front and center, but the concepts of putting thoughts together is still very much an important component of our lives. I have a close friend and a granddaughter that keep a daily journal. They poetically put pen to paper everyday. I often think that it is the internal push to everyday doing something, such that at the end of the day when you sit down, you have a story to tell, even though it is just for you. I grew up wanting to write books or be the owner of a bookstore, but eventually chose science as a career path where the concept of creative writing was not allowed, so I had to stick to the facts…the basic facts, because anytime I strayed from just the facts, when the paper went out for peer review, I was reminded…please, just the facts. Since I was young I have been taken with the fact that everyone has a story and if someone was willing to listen you could hear some amazing things. We would love to hear your stories, because everything is yours and yours to tell. Distractions are what destroys this ability and there are today, so many distractions. The love of reading creative writing did not die and I still marvel, as do many, with the ability of the written word to entertain us and educate us. Writing connects us all.”


The Competition

U9-U11 200-250 words

U12-U14 250-400 words

U15 above 400-600 words

All essays must be submitted via the link below. We recommend you complete your work on word or google doc and cut and paste to the form when ready. The deadline to complete the work is March 30th.


Questions: Contact Ashley at ayudin@davislegacysoccer.org

Good Luck!